Madison Unisex Flux D3O Knee Pad Set


Lightweight mountain bike trail knee pad with a stretch fit, designed to worn all ride. Features a D3O insert which offers excellent protection and minimises bulk.


  • LIGHTWEIGHT: Constructed with flexible and lightweight materials, allowing for natural leg movement and flexibility while maintaining protection.
  • D3O PROTECTION: Loaded with best in class D3O impact protectors, you can expect exceptional shock absorption and superior protection if you go down.
  • SLEEVE: Featuring a cordura panelled outer, these pads are designed to take on scuffs without any issues.
  • ERGONOMIC: Contouring and filling to your natural shape, these pads are held securely in place by elasticated cuffs above and below the knee.
  • AIR PERMEABLE: Incorporating materials to help breathability and optimal airflow, you’ll feel cool and fresh every ride.
  • EASY CLEAN: Slide out the D3O protector from the sleeve for handwash, and wash the sleeve separately in the washing machine, following the care instructions.